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The latest buzz word on the Internet is "pepega". If you've never heard the phrase before, you're probably far from the online "memes" universe. It's perfectly fine if you don't have a record of every word you come across on the Internet every day; Don't let this discourage you. There are innumerable words that appear every day. We're going to introduce you to Pepega, one of the most popular current meme phrases for that reason. You should first realize What is Pepega, pepega pronounced peh-pe-guh, refers to anything or someone who is "dumb". This is a topic of conversation on the Internet that suddenly gained fame. It is often accompanied by "retardation". Today the popularity of this word has increased a lot in the realm of memes. Additionally, as a result of its popularity, the term "pepega" was adopted as a reactionary meme to describe a person's reactions and expressions online as "stupid". Many people have used the term "pepega" in various contexts in online comment sections.

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